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Chanel Profile

The family who previously owner Chanel needed money, so Dawn and Tina Jo purchased her. Chanel was purchased for a close friend who really admired her but in the end the friend wasn’t able to take care of her.

Chanel has the most gorgeous blue eyes. In fact, she’s an all-around natural beauty. With all this beauty and charisma, she sometimes thinks she’s the boss! She was separated from the others for a while but has recently been integrated back into the mix and is figuring out the social ranks and learning some lessons on how to relate.

Chanel has become good friends with Dusty. Horses often choose their social partners in the wild and in the pasture. They stay close to each other and show affection for one another in various ways, either verbally or with their actions. Sometimes a horse will rest its head over the neck of its best friend. Love abounds at Tina Jo’s Promise!
Chanel has also taken an interest in Pepsi, the filly born on the ranch in the summer of 2022. Even though Pepsi’s mama is a perfect mother to her baby, Chanel seems to want to take care of the baby too! She looks after her with serious attention. We’ve nicknamed her Auntie Chanel. Pepsi has even tried to nurse from Auntie Chanel!