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Dusty was offered for sale to us by a local man not known for his kindness to horses. Dusty had been chased and bitten by his herd mates a few times over food. They were not fed enough. He was thin and suffering from anemia and worms. We’re still not sure what prompted this man to offer Dusty to us, but we are eternally grateful that he did.

With a lot of love and gentle care, Dusty has grown substantially in stature, and his training has really advanced. He’s amicable with the other horses and with humans alike. At first, Dusty was difficult to catch and a handful to ride – prancing, bucking and being generally unpredictable. Now, Fernando, our ranch manager, rides him often on the beach and along the back bay.

When asked which horse on the ranch is his favorite, Fernando says (in Spanish) that he doesn’t have an overall favorite, but that Dusty is his favorite horse to ride. Fernando also declares that he is Dusty’s favorite human. Dusty now comes to us when we show up with his halter. He has learned that riding with a kind human can be enjoyable for both the horse and rider, especially amidst our ocean paradise!