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Faith Profile

Prior to coming to TJP, Faith was first rescued by another horse rancher after she was discovered very thin and suffering from severe trauma to her neck. Having recently given birth to a foal (later named Hope), it was determined by Faith’s original owner that her purpose had been served and he was negotiating with the local wildlife park, Pai Pai, to sell her for lion feed.

We wanted to buy Faith to continue her rehabilitation. However, at the time, Dawn really didn’t want to raise a foal and, since it was time for baby Hope to be weaned, Dawn said she would only purchase Faith. Faith, however, would not load into the trailer without her baby. So, you guessed it, the transport guys brought the baby down along with mama Faith. Upon their arrival, when Dawn went out to greet them and saw the baby, she initially said they would need to take the baby back. Dawn now says “I looked into that baby’s eyes and realized that she was meant to stay here.” So, that’s how we got both Faith AND Hope.

We now have a maternity and rehabilitation herd that consists of mamas Faith and Sugar, along with their foals Hope and Pepsi. It will be wonderful for Hope and Pepsi to grow up together! Spirit, Cassidy and Valentina are also in with these mamas and young’uns. Each of these horses is currently either healing, mothering or growing up. How special is that? Speaking of special, Faith is so special that our plan is for her to be Tina Jo’s horse! There’s no doubt that strong bonds amongst horses and humans will develop within this beautiful herd.