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Greyson Profile (1)

Greyson was a surprise baby! One of our most emaciated rescues, Oakley (now deceased), wasn’t gaining weight in the way we expected. Her belly was getting round, but that was all. Then one day our worker noticed that she was getting milk in her teats; this emaciated horse was pregnant!

Not long after, little Greyson was born. She was named in honor of Grace (who came to TJP with mama Oakley) who passed before Greyson was born. Greyson arrived with her legs very bowed and we thought she’d never be able to truly use them. But, as predicted by Dr. Gonzalez, within two weeks she was running around like any other foal, and with straight legs!

Greyson has never been a particularly strong horse, but she’s a real love. Like Zorro, she’s a gentle and great horse for children to learn with and also one of our therapy horses. Greyson often watches over Hope, a young filly who has a mother all her own but often chooses to be near Greyson. At times some mares really seem to serve as aunties or surrogate mothers. This makes sense when considering the herd perspective. Perhaps helping to protect the young and vulnerable, even if it’s not your baby, is a way of contributing to the benefit of the whole. Greyson also likes to hang around with Zorro and Anabelle, the mule. We call them the Three Musketeers!