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Luna Profile

Luna came to us wild and pregnant. She was originally rescued by a local cattle trader. On a trip to southern Baja, the cattle trader’s daughter accompanied him and overheard some local cowboys discussing the wonderful stallion that was the father of Luna’s baby. Since Luna was wild and not a horse, they wanted to invest their time in, the men were going to wait until her baby was weaned and then sell her for meat. The young woman decided then and there that Luna was coming home in the cattle truck. She spent hours getting this wild mare into the cattle trailer and brought her home to our area. Unable to give Luna the training and care she needed, the cattle trader and his daughter reached out to us and Luna has been here ever since.

Volunteer Brooksie said “I came to the ranch hoping to get to know the horses and have a relationship beyond being able to ride from time to time. I a wanted her own special person and accepted me as that person. I had no idea the many ways that Luna would change my life for the better. She has shown me where my fears and weaknesses lie as only a horse can do. You cannot hide anything from them. Through my love for her and desire to be a better rider, I have faced them all. She has helped me find my strength, courage and bravery through her sweetness and patience as I learn. Together we are growing, and every moment I am with her I am learning and loving in ways that I did not know I even needed. I thought I was coming to help a rescue horse, but in the end, it is she who has rescued me.”