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Pepsi Profile

Pepsi was born on the ranch! Her mother, Sugar (see bio) was well cared for during the second half of her pregnancy through the birthing. We believe Pepsi’s father is a black stallion. Born on July 14, 2022, Pepsi has had a wonderful beginning to her life and she will no doubt bask and thrive in the goodness that surrounds her. Brooksie Hughes, a sponsor and volunteer for Tina Jo’s Promise, wrote “Thanks to Dawn and Tina Jo Stephens/Tina Jo’s Promise Horse Rescue and everyone who offers support for helping horses like this come into the world safely and surrounded by love.” Pepsi is frisky and really just beside herself to be alive in paradise! Aside from her “pep,” she has distinctive markings on her face that resemble a can of Pepsi being opened after having been shaken. Adorable and perfect, both the name and the filly!