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Zorro Profile (1)

Zorro is a small black gelding with a bright white star. Born in 2013, he’s now fully grown at only 14 hands tall. Zorro is the smallest of our adult horses but the biggest in terms of heart.

When Zorro first came to us, he was very sick and weak due to a traumatic head injury that he suffered when only five months old. Although the initial infection in the head wound had been addressed, Zorro was not improving. In the months following his rescue, it was determined that his head injury might leave permanent brain damage, affecting his overall health. He was very depressed and resembled – literally – an equine skeleton.

Because Zorro didn’t appear to exhibit a zest for life, Dawn discussed with Dr. Gonzalez whether it was the right thing to keep him on this earth. We decided to give it some more time and to reassess his quality of life in a few more months. We were considering that the most humane option might be to put him down.

Fortunately, through additional blood analysis, Dr. Gonzalez discovered a raging systemic infection. Once that was cleared up, Zorro finally began to improve. It took over a year of constant medical care to get Zorro thriving. Today his coat is a lush velvety black and his manner is chill and loveable.

Due to his gentle nature and loving disposition, Zorro has served as one of our most precious therapy horses. Because of his head injury he has a tendency to circle to the right when confused about what to do next, but it doesn’t stop him from being a great horse for kids learning to ride.

Zorro’s name came about due to the bravery he exhibited when recovering from his head injury. Zorro, the fictional hero, was a mysterious masked swordsman who fought against the Spanish in the Mexican War of Independence. He also defended the Mexican peasants and commoners of Las California’s.

Bravery and heart have not only earned Zorro his name, but well-deserved good karma has served him beautifully. Seeing him happy is such a pleasure after having seen him, day after day, stand with his little head hanging almost to the ground.