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Spirit Profile (1)


Spirit, and her herd mate Sugar, were part of a herd of horses living in the mountains who were used for giving rides on the beach to tourists.

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Pepsi Profile


Pepsi was born on the ranch! Her mother, Sugar (see bio) was well cared for during the second half of her pregnancy through the birthing.

Valentina (1)


Valentina’s previous owner needed to sell her to continue his college studies. She came to us in reasonable health.

Chanel Profile


The family who previously owner Chanel needed money, so Dawn and Tina Jo purchased her. Chanel was purchased for a close friend who really admired her but in the end the friend wasn’t able to take care of her.

Luna Profile


Luna came to us wild and pregnant. She was originally rescued by a local cattle trader.



Dusty was offered for sale to us by a local man not known for his kindness to horses.

JEM Profile


Jem is a large gelding who came to us from a cattle ranch after his days as a working horse were over.

Zorro Profile (1)


Zorro is a small black gelding with a bright white star. Born in 2013, he’s now fully grown at only 14 hands tall.

Greyson Profile (1)


Greyson was a surprise baby! One of our most emaciated rescues, Oakley (now deceased), wasn’t gaining weight in the way we expected.

Faith Profile


Prior to coming to TJP, Faith was first rescued by another horse rancher after she was discovered very thin and suffering from severe trauma to her neck.

Hope Profile


Hope was born in 2021 to Faith. With the passing of Atticus, Dawn was despondent over losing her “heart horse”.



Someone reported to us that there was a super-skinny horse tied up in Cantu, not far from the ranch, in a kind of rocky area.

Faith Profile


Sunny was rescued from a horse rental operation up in the mountains behind Chapultepec in 2019.

Annabelle correct


Dawn has had a lifelong love of mules and when the ranch hands found one with stringhalt (a neurological disorder where the one or both of the animal’s back legs suddenly lifts up almost to its belly for not apparent reason).

Thelma Profile 1


Thelma came to us after having lost a large amount of weight very quickly –her spine and pelvic bones were visible and the top of her pelvis had open sores from the bones rubbing against the ground when she rolled.