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February Story of the Month

OK, all you Tina Jo’s Promise fans, here’s our first Story of the Month! We gave our first ranch tour last weekend and we had a little girl, Romina, about 5 years old attend. Romina is just fascinated by horses and was having a great time being on the sanctuary and being close to so many horses. Dawn’s riding horse, Chanel, was very interested in her and we realized that we never knew that Chanel loved little kids! We knew that Chanel loved baby horses; she adopted Pepsi when we weaned her from Sugar, her mama. Chanel protects and teaches Pepsi. She gave her comfort last week when she had a little bellyache. So we knew Chanel was great with horse babies, but we were amazed at how much she loved nuzzling and smelling Romina! Pepsi and Chanel both came over to where Romina was on the other side of the pasture fence and were just touching her with their noses all over her.

Romina was facing us so that we could take some photos for her dad and we could see Pepsi smelling her leg and her hat and her face. Chanel was on the other side of her doing the same thing – she was just fascinated by this little girl! It was just so interesting to see animals as fascinated with us as we are with them! Clearly, they didn’t see her as a threat, yet as something that they were not used to being around and they were incredibly curious. These magnificent creatures were as much in awe of Romina as we are of them. It was a real treat for us to see be able to see that side of the horses that we thought we knew so well!

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