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March Story of the Month

Well, friends, it has been quite an emotional month for us here at the rescue.

First, we experienced the loss of our beloved Cassidy and then, just one week later, Izzy.

Having a rescue has absolutely been one of the greatest pleasures and greatest pain points for us as a family.

We come to love these horses so deeply and invest so much in their recovery – and I’m not referring to the financial cost, yet a spiritual one that it has caused us to lean into our faith and become even stronger.

On the flip side of that devastation, we had a special donation for new corrals for which we are eternally grateful.

The ebbs and flows of emotion when you have an animal rescue are constant. We look forward to sharing with you the adventure of building these corrals and opening our doors for tours in May.

Stay tuned…

The Stephens Family and TJP Team

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