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Someone reported to us that there was a super-skinny horse tied up in Cantu, not far from the ranch, in a kind of rocky area. We found her and convinced her family to sell her to us, and we brought her home. Dr. Orfil looked Canela over. She had two large abscesses under her jaw, probably from a too-tight halter or bridle, and also a large abscess on her side. Due to poor nutrition, she was very thin and her coat was patchy and dull.

She also had lice. With proper medicine, high quality nutrition including alfalfa and supplements, and lots of love, Canela regained her health. After her lackluster winter coat shed, her spring coat came through as a vibrant chestnut color. A total transformation. Canela’s energy is curious and sprightly, yet gentle. She’s a joy to ride and she enjoys being ridden, especially on the beach. Our son Nathaniel absolutely adore her.